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We know that selecting an agent or agency to help you purchase a house is a very big decision.

Some things to ask when selecting an agent are:

Selecting a Buying Agent 

1) How long have you been in the business?
2) What separates you from the competition?
3) Why do you sell real estate?
4) Can you share references?
5) Do you work full or part time?
6) Who else from the agency will be working with me?
7) When am I obligated to work with you?
8) How will you communicate with me?
9) Will you show me all properties for sale (Including For Sale by Owner)?
10) Can you explain the buying process to me? 
11) What costs are involved with buying a house?
12) May I review documents beforehand that I will be asked to sign?
13) What kind of guarantee (cancellation agreement) do you offer?
14) What haven’t I asked that I need to know?

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