Imagine if you could have an experienced Florida real estate agent located right here in NJ. Who could help prepare the buyer ahead of time, get to the know and trust the agent ahead of time, represent the buyer's interest only (Buyer's rep agent) and be able to visit the agent in their NJ office. So that when you go down to tour the properties in Florida on a time-limited vacation or short trip you are better prepared and better represented. Well, imagine no more - Jay is a licensed real estate broker in NJ and Florida who offers Door to Door service.  

If you are looking to buy a vacation home, relocate or retire in Florida, JGR can help you find the home in Florida by starting the process right here in NJ. JGR specializes in the Southeast Florida Beach area (Palm beach, West Palm Beach, Miami Beach, Jupiter, Delray, Vero Beach and much more).                          

                      Please contact Jay Graham at 973.432.9014 to begin your search ​​

J. Graham Realty, LLC

Licensed Real Estate Agency In NJ & Florida

4 Perry Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
(o) 973.540.1232
(f) 973.540.0008

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